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Instagram: The New Frontier for Brand Awareness

Did you know that of the top 100 brands in the entire world, 90% of them have an Instagram account? With over 300 million active daily users, Instagram has become one of the most effective platforms for digital advertising and marketing. Behind Facebook of course, Instagram is the 2nd most engaged social network. If you’re a brand who isn’t already advertising on Instagram, the amount of people scrolling through and engaging every day, every hour, every minute is reason enough to consider it. The level of brand engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter. We have all come across those people on Instagram who seem to have a TON of followers. From Kylie Jenner types (SugarBear Hair Vitamins, anyone?) to fashion bloggers (Amber Fillerup Clark) to popular YouTube personalities (Tyler Oakley), this new category of Instagram users are called “social media influencers.” Companies compensate these influencers (paying them, sending them free products, etc.) to share posts using and promoting the company’s product. These sponsored posts seem to be quite effective because, in many cases, they just feel more natural to consumers. Seeing a product being used by someone you look up to makes you more likely to try that product. If you’re a brand looking to spice up your social media marketing, reach out to some social influencers and see if they’d be on board with promoting your product! If social influencers aren’t up your alley, there is still another Instagram marketing option you might like. Have you ever seen something on Instagram that you just had to have right then and there? Well, retail brands are now able to do e-commerce posts, which will be used as a sales tool to help generate traffic to retail websites. Retailers can even insert price tags into the photos so consumers can click through to look at the pictured product in detail. Then, consumers can purchase the product then and there if they desire. Essentially, consumers on Instagram can go from admiring a certain product in a post to purchasing that product in a matter of minutes! Whichever marketing method suits your brand the best, Instagram is the place to be right now. Seize this opportunity to reach the millions, yes millions, of consumers who fall directly into your demographics and boost your brand awareness!  


The Dos and Don’ts of Rebranding

After several years of working with companies that have needed to rebrand their company image, BURKE has learned some approaches that really make a difference. Below, we suggest some of the “BURKE approved” DOS and DON’TS of company rebranding! The Dos Do Your Research Doing research is the first and most crucial part of any rebrand attempt. You need to identify your ideal customer and what you hope to achieve with this rebrand in relation to the customer. Craft a unique and compelling message that you wish to achieve with your rebrand. Do Stand Out When thinking of new ideas, make sure they are unique but also make sense in relation to your company and what you do. Creating an unforgettable logo and tagline just help to further emphasize your new “identity.” Do Define The Whole A rebrand really looks at your company inside and out. Not only are you rebranding your look, but you are also rebranding your messaging which speaks to your company’s goals, values, purpose, and mission. Think of it as the company’s personality! Do Tell Everyone Now that you have a new brand, don’t be afraid to over communicate this. Share your new brand in ways that lets your current and future customers experience your company and brand differently and memorably. Strategize your new brand in all company activities and communication, both internally and externally. Do Train Internally If you want others to know about your new brand, first start with your internal team. Be certain all your employees understand the new brand from design to purpose. Only if they truly understand and believe in your new company brand, can they communicate this to your target audience. Speak it, show it and people will come to believe it!     The Don’ts Don’t Skip Internal Review It’s important to make sure your whole company is on board with the new image. Your rebrand goals have to be realistic and your employees have to be able to deliver. Make sure that everyone can deliver before your start the transition. Don’t Overlook The Details At times, companies can go through mergers and acquisitions, and each one will have its own set of unique branding challenges. It’s important to be cognizant of this and come up with a cohesive narrative that carefully examines both companies brand architecture. Avoiding this can result in confused customers and stakeholders. Don’t Say You Can If You Can’t Don’t over commit yourself to something you can’t do. Your brand promise is important to your customer and you need to make sure you can stay true to that. Your customer base can only grow if you’re a trusted brand that proves true every time. Don’t Forget ROI Establishing brand metrics is the only way to see if your rebrand is working. Performance, Perception, and Finance are three good ones that should be easy to measure and will tell you what direction your company is moving in. Don’t Rush Unveiling After months of hard work and planning through all the details of your rebrand, it’s important to consider how you want to present this to the world. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste by not unveiling the brand properly. Think through the roll out process which includes advance planning, coordination, events, and overall strategy. Don’t Miss An Opportunity Don’t let the rebrand just be about the look of your company. Take this opportunity to significantly change things internal and externally, whether it be a new company vision, mission, values, goals, audience, etc. Don’t limit yourself with a rebranding opportunity.   Planning a corporate rebrand can be a lot of work, so make sure you take the time to really think it through and perform the necessary steps involved. Involve the members of your company and discuss your goals before you make any hard decisions. This is your opportunity to refresh the company and let your audience know what you’re all about. Rebrand with a purpose and make sure your goals are strategic and achievable. Lastly, be sure to find a great agency like BURKE to help you get there!


BURKE Partners With ACG Charlotte For Deal Crawl Conference

BURKE has partnered with the ACG for their upcoming Deal Crawl Conference, taking place September 7th and 8th at the Ritz Carlton in Charlotte, North Carolina. The ACG Deal Crawl was created in 2013 to allow equity capital providers to “crawl” across town visiting various investment banking firms. Attendees, whose numbers this year will likely exceed 350, include private equity professionals, investment bankers, attorneys, accountants, and others focused on middle-market mergers and acquisitions. The conference will include an Opening Reception, Investment Bank & Private Equity Firm 1-on-1 meetings, Keynote Luncheon, Affinity Seminars, breakout sessions, and a closing reception. BURKE not only created the microsite and a z-card, a foldable pocket sized guide for the event, but did all the event branding, as well. In addition, BURKE created signage that will be displayed throughout the conference.   More about the ACG: The Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), founded in 1954, is an international organization dedicated to fostering sound corporate growth.  High quality performance, earnings, and increasing corporate value are ACG concerns. As a nonprofit corporate development organization with approximately 14,000 members, representing Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, FTSE 100, and middle market companies, in 56 chapters in North and South America, Europe, and Asia, ACG is the premier global association for and about professionals involved in corporate growth, corporate development, and mergers, and acquisitions. For more information about ACG and the event, visit www.acgdealcrawl.com.  


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