How to Keep the Audience Engaged: Super Bowl Edition

With the Super Bowl only a few days away, it makes me think of one thing… and no, it’s not about the Atlanta Falcons finally making it to the Super Bowl again; it’s about the commercials. Since Advertising and Marketing is my profession, I can’t help but to think of those 30 seconds of pure [read more]

Nostalgia: Retro Design in the Modern Era

Nostalgia can be defined by the Oxford dictionary as “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.” When used in terms of design, nostalgia can play an important role in attracting an audience on both sentimental and emotional levels. Rather than always looking ahead [read more]

Instagram: The New Frontier for Brand Awareness

BURKE Instagram Blog post

Did you know that of the top 100 brands in the entire world, 90% of them have an Instagram account? With over 300 million active daily users, Instagram has become one of the most effective platforms for digital advertising and marketing. Behind Facebook of course, Instagram is the 2nd most engaged social network. If you’re [read more]

The Dos and Don’ts of Rebranding

After several years of working with companies that have needed to rebrand their company image, BURKE has learned some approaches that really make a difference. Below, we suggest some of the “BURKE approved” DOS and DON’TS of company rebranding! The Dos Do Your Research Doing research is the first and most crucial part of any [read more]

Why We Continue To Host The Toys For Tots (T4T) Golf Tournament

Anyone who knows us at BURKE, knows that we love getting involved with the community and giving back. Our non-profit, A Big Heart Foundation, is hosting the Toys for Tots (T4T) Annual Golf Tournament for its ninth consecutive outing this year. It’s crazy to think that nine years have flown by, and next year will [read more]